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The 2002 project involves the expansion of the 2001 project which was to create a 16th century 3D recreation of the Parkin archeological site of the Indian village of Casqui located in NE Arkansas (refer to the Parkin State Park link above for more information on Parkin). This year's team was made up of Kent Walker (who returned from the 2001 project) - Fayetteville FAAST Lab, Jeremy Bain and Justin Reh - Rogers High School EAST Lab.

Kent and Justin worked on editing last year's Awakening of the Guard, creating a more realistic scene, added more artifacts and sound. Which was all done in Softimage XSI, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premier. Jeremy worked in Visual Nature Studio to create a fly-over of Parkin and the St. Francis river.

The project's products include:

  • Awakening of the Guard - Animated movie of the interior of the Native American Casqui home.
  • St. Francis Flyover - Animated flyover of the St. Francis river along the Casqui Villiage
  • Power Point - The students created a power point presentation explaining how the project was completed.
  • Virtual Exhibits - Several interactive movies of objects and the home were created, these are Quicktime VR's that the user can navigate through with the use of the mouse.
  • Posters - Three posters where completed for the project, a comparison of last years to this years project, information on rendering and images of the St. Francis Flyover.
*Some of these downloads are very large and may take several minutes to load.

Visit the student's links to find out more information on the students and how this project was created.

FX Team: Kent Walker | Jeremy Bain | Justin Reh


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