North American Database of Archaeological Geophysics


Project Name: P Street Mound, OH (33GR31);

Reference: Bevan, B.W. (1996). Geophysical Surveys Over Mounds at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Geosight, Pitman, New Jersey. Prepared for Mark J. Lynott, National Park Service, Lincoln, Nebraska.

During the summer of 1996, geophysical surveys were conducted at two mound sites located on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, Ohio. The Wright Memorial Mounds site (33GR30) consists of about six visible mounds located to the west of the Wright Brothers Memorial monument. About 1 km to the south there is an isolated mound named the P Street Mound (33GR31). Both sites are attributed to the Adena culture and could date as early as 1000 BC. Geophysical techniques used at the site include conductivity, resistivity sounding, resistivity pseudosections, and ground penetrating radar.

The geophysical surveys were designed to evaluate the suitability of different types of geophysical surveys for estimating the internal structure of the mounds. It would be valuable to be able to determine the soil stratification of the mounds without excavation. It would be particularly important to find if human burials might be identifiable both at a shallow depth in the mounds and also deep in the mounds, perhaps near the base. The geophysical surveys were successful at revealing some of the internal stratification of the mounds and also showed that there are unknown features on and near the mounds.

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